This project, as a whole,was made possible through the gracious support of
Government of Aruba, Aruba Tourism Authority, Mondriaan Fund,
Union di Organisacionan Cultural Arubano, General Air  Services N.V.,
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied en Aruba, Fundacion Eterno

Contemporary visual artist Osaira Muyale (Producer)

Paardenbaai book project, was made possible through the
gracious support of Nathaly Harms-Ellis and Ray-anne Hernandez (Unoca),
Alejandro Muyale (Gen Air), Michele Russel-Capriles and Alice van Romondt (PBCF)

Book collaborators
Photography & text Renwick Heronimo (Fundacion Museo Arubano), DTP &
Photo retouching Elton Arends (Creacom), Dario Arends (Interprint),
Web developer Dwayne Heromino (Orbitalnets)

Paardenbaai sculpture project,  was made possible through the
Gracious support of: Former Minister of Tourism and Culture Otmar Oduber,
Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes (ATA),  Benny Sevinger (Minister of Infrastructure),
Birgit Donker (Mondriaan Fund), Alejandro Muyale (Gen Air),
Haime and Maria R. Hochman.

Sculpture collaborators: Fundacion Eterno Library, Renwick Heronimo (art curator),
Arubiana library, Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, Dr. Adi Martis (Art historian ),
Raffy Kock (Infra team),Dow, Sr. Luis Oduber (Web), Elmar, Setar, Roly Sint
Jago (Sikkens), Niki Shetty (Tommy Hilfiger), Darin Henriquez (Zen), Antonio
Muyale (AFS), Xavier Arends (M2  Innovations), Carlo Sjim Fat(welding),
Rudolf Arends Buildings material, journalists Tessa Pietersz (ATV),
Francie Solognier  Croes , Alberto de L’sle (paint studio), Ecoled Aruba,

Artists Acknowledgements: Cameron Stalheim, Edwin Donato

Work Assistants: Blanca Palacio, Isdemar Robles, Anchi de los Santos,
Carlo Sjin Fat, Jeffrey Fradl, Ramesis Ras, Jan van Duuren

And a special thanks for their unconditional support: Renwick Heronimo,
Isha Tapias Kock, Joost Vrieler, Alejandro Muyale, Euphemia Muyale van
Heusden, Benoit & Dominique Eman, Efrain Eman.


© FE-Fundacion Eterno All works of Osaira Muyale are © Osaira Muyale
All rights reserved .No part of this project may be reproduced.
Stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means,
Electronic, mechanical, photo copying, recording or otherwise, without the
prior permission of Fundacion Eterno Aruba


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